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Send a Note to Timbi!

Hi there! It's Timbi! 

I'm so glad you're here! Have you read my book? It's about how my Dad has something called addiction. Sometimes it can make me feel like something's not right, but guess what! I learned this really cool thing called mindfulness, it's just like a super power for your brain. I can feel tall and wide like a mountain or safe like a tree with its roots deep in the ground. 


This is a special place where you can tell me all about how you use the fun tools I shared in the books. I especially love smiling and hugs! Please share your story or just say hi. I can't wait to hear from you!


Here's a BIG HUG from your new friend,


Thanks for your message! Timbi will try to get back to you soon...

If you would like to mail Timbi a letter send it to:

Timbi Talks 

PO Box 922

Bedford, NY 10506

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