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About the Timbi Books

There's Science in Here!

There is strong scientific evidence underlying each practice/activity we share in the Timbi books, and we are particularly drawn to practices which facilitate positive thinking. We now know that the brain is neuroplastic, more capable of change than formerly believed. There is an expression in neuroscience: “what fires together, wires together,” so reinforcing positive thoughts (“firing”) forges stronger neural pathways (“wiring”) to positivity . It is this positivity that enhances openness to new perspectives, and ultimately, healing.

We encourage you to practice the activities in the Timbi books with the children in your care—modeling, for example, the ease of accessing the calming, parasympathetic nervous system as we simply focus on our breath. It is empowering to remember that when we caregivers share our calm, open, engaging selves with a child, we can co-regulate their difficult emotions. This emotional attunement is crucial to developing positive relationships, allowing the child to feel safe. All humans require the neuroception of safety for growth and openness. Providing space for children to feel safe is one of the most impactful actions available to caregivers. 

Janet Hellier, MS MHC

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